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Based in Australia, 8Elite’s focus is to build careers for models and creatives, to oversee every step, and to guide our talent to the international market by providing support, encouragement and training when necessary. We treat our talent as professionals and live to see you excel in your passion.

8Elite covers the whole spectrum of model and social media management. Our dedicated and intelligent team are consistently growing and developing as we witness change in fashion and trends. It is a full time effort just keeping up to date with taxation, workplace rules, fashion trends, what’s in and what’s out. We definitely don’t know it all, but we do know who to ask because we have built up contacts over 23 years of being in the business. 

We want you to realise that you are the hero of this story and we do value your participation. You will witness, that we work hard to ensure the quality of our talent and the reputation of our exclusive agency are constantly upheld and continue to earn our positive position amongst our amazing peers in the industry.

We provide beautiful models for TV commercials, photoshoots and advertising. Our talented people have sass, style and are reel people with quality looks and balanced ego. With a wink and a smile, we will love creating new interest in your business.

Tell us about your event or production. Our prices for talent, range from developing models to the super elite. We believe in being fair, and valuing the quality of the brand we represent as well as the wellbeing and the models safety.

If your a client who books models, what to know about us! Our models are professional and diverse to reflect our proudly multicultural country. We love what we do and really value assisting you in your companies creative goals. Feel free to email or call for a chat. 

If your a model or a model parent, somehow you had a beautiful kid, everyone tells them, “they should be a model” you want to try, but who do you trust? who will look after your baby? we get it, we also have kids! Do they need a back up plan? what photos do they need? will this cost heaps? are they just recruiting people with no chance of getting work? 

We undersigned how daunting although exciting it is.  

If you need a team of professionals to support your creative vision then please email us admin@8elitemodels.com

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