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Sen Shao – Actor at 888 Inc

With his smouldering looks, Sen was a model on the Gold Coast for five years before he joined the books of Agency 888, and they encouraged him to consider acting as a career.

“When I joined 888, I received a call from Jaiden within the first week. He wanted to put me into the tv series Reef Break​ as a stand-in and as a double. While they continued shooting I had work on and off, at least once a week. It was pretty consistent.”

After Reef Break, Sen was cast in the blockbuster Godzilla vs. Kong, and also in Australian horror comedy, Bloody Hell.

Sen was born in Xi’an, Shaanxi, China, famous for its terracotta warrior historical site. His parents moved to Shenzhen, in Guangdong Province, a burgeoning metropolis of nearly 20 million people, north of Hong Kong, before he came to Australia in 2010.

“I came right before Christmas,” Sen recalled. He now lives in Brisbane.

“I also work at a creative agency in Brisbane, planning marketing strategies for start-up businesses. They are flexible, so when I have a film coming up, I can tell them I need to be away, and that’s pretty helpful.”

Sen likes the outdoors: rock-climbing, hiking and sports, basketball in particular. Even his 888 acting courses are like a mental work-out.

“I’m taking both Level 1 and Level 2 acting classes, which are really different from what I expected. There is a lot of physical movement. I work full-time and take classes three times a week. It helps release my stress, empty my mind and discover myself. I learn acting skills and network with new people. Jane (Level 1) and Crystal (Level 2) are great teachers. The vibe is good for the whole class, how we interact with each other. It feels like a big family and I really appreciate this kind of opportunity.”

Agency 888. We represent the world.

Nicole Krause – Actor at 888 Inc

Nicole is a stylish, accomplished event organiser, and she bejewels animal skulls! Originally from Switzerland, she raised the family on the Gold Coast before moving to the hinterland, where she and the dogs enjoy some 66 acres of land, and all that the Australian countryside has to offer. Nicole has working experience with cattle and horses, and knows about Australian country communities, as a member of the Chamber of Commerce in Canungra.

Nicole emanates optimism and competence, and she backs up her interest to work in film and television with some solid training.

She has completed Agency 888 courses Front of Camera, Level 1 and The Star Spangled Banter (American accents), as well as the Get Set Course for Background Acting with Casting Director Bud Hopes.

She is a major organiser for the annual event “Turning Canungra Pink” which takes place in October, and raises funds for cancer research. Canungra is a bustling, very pretty town about 30 minutes’ drive from the Gold Coast, and acts as the gateway to the greater Scenic Rim area.

“In October everything in Canungra becomes pink. Hundreds of motorbikes are dressed up in pink and the bikies go for a big tour, before coming back into town and having lunch. There’s music and food, it’s a big market day and a very nice part of our community.”

Nicole also helps smaller online and hobby businesses. “This happens every season, so the next one will be the Spring Equinox. We hold a little market in a place called the Blue House on Appel Street. It’s useful for people who have never been involved in markets, they can come and have a little play.”

Nicole has a spectacular niche hobby-business decorating animal skulls, and she would be the go-to for film makers looking for such artefacts!

“I decorate animal skulls, especially buffalo, horses and cattle. There are two of us and we’re known as the Crazy Skull Ladies. I’ve always collected skulls, and I was fascinated with bones and things as a kid. I saw an American site where they covered skulls with Swarovski crystals and they looked amazing. I couldn’t buy one because it was a skull from overseas. So I thought, well if they can do it, I can do it. I showed my mate – we work together rescuing horses – and one night we sat down with a load of feathers, rhinestones and old jewellery, and started to glue stuff to the skulls. It was fun! I make sure I know where the animals come from. Some of the cattle skulls are my own, they’ve got a story behind them, and I create the art on them. My own animals usually have a name. When people want to buy them they will ask, “What do you call her? Where is she from?” They become quite attached. There is a beautiful one, called Rosie, in a boutique called Jakama on Gallery Walk, up on Tamborine Mountain. A skull with great big horns! She’s beautiful.”

Nicole radiates positivity and turns her ideas into reality. What film set doesn’t want that?

Written by Joanna Funk

Jade Vorias – Actor at 888 Inc

Lovely Jade is Australian and is the embodiment of the Sunshine Coast: she’s blonde, loves to surf, and lives in Palm Beach.

“We live about 200 metres off the beach, and there’s nothing like waking up, picking up your board and running straight out into the ocean! I love being out and about with nature, and I can easily make it for sunrise – that’s the best,” she laughs.

888 talents know that preparation is key, and Jade is enrolled in two 8-week courses: Acting For Film and TV Level 1, and Improvisation. She wants to be able to take her acting in any direction, and she recently completed a four-week American Accent course at 888’s Gold Coast office in Marina Mirage.

“They had me speaking quite well very quickly. The instructor puts you through the wringer straight away so you don’t have time to get nervous.”

Jade can also sound quite British, having lived there while she was travelling. Being able to sound Australian, American and British will stand her in good stead for casting opportunities.

The entertainment industry attracts creatives, and Jade certainly fits that bill.

“I’m an artist – painting, inks, resins. I’ve been creating pieces for quite a while now, and have sold my art through word of mouth. Now I’m setting up something online, and I live near a lot of market stalls, so hopefully I will do more.”

Recalling her first meeting with 888, Jade said, “As soon as I walked in, there was such a great energy about the place. They made me feel so welcome, and always remembered me by my name. I think that’s so important. 888 gave me the confidence to go: this is actually an option for me. I did a screen test and they called me back. It worked out perfectly and I’ve been touch with the Gold Coast office ever since.”

We look forward to watching you reap the rewards of your hard work Jade.

Agency 888. We represent the world.

Mitch Walsh – Actor at 888 Inc

Got things you want to achieve? Invest in yourself. Mitch Walsh did.

“I remember us staying up until 3am every night trying to learn all our lines…eating classic two-minute noodles and drinking instant coffee. Even though it was incredibly painful, it was just the most fun I’ve ever had.”

Born and raised on the Gold Coast, Mitch had already graduated from QUT with a Bachelor of Fine Arts and Drama when he decided there was more he needed to discover.

He entered an intensive, conservatory programme at The American Academy of Dramatic Arts, chose the campus in L.A. and immersed himself into that crazy world where every person and their chihuahua lives and breathes the movies.

“There’s something about that vibe! Learning every day for eight months from 8 to 5 was really, really hard work. I had a lot of fun and I learned so much.

“My teachers were incredible. I wanted to know more about some of the philosophies and methods behind acting. In the end we were doing 50-page character bios in our final exams, being double cast for shows back-to-back. It was a crazy amount of work, and definitely a time that really stood out for me.”

In his day job on the Gold Coast, Mitch uses his commanding voice as an announcer for Seaworld.

He approached Agency 888 for representation when he was back in Australia, and first met Jaiden and Bee at the agency’s office in Brisbane. For more experience on film sets, they placed him as a stand-in with Godzilla vs. Kong, and with the crime drama television series, Harrow.

“When I worked previously, I always saw “888” on the call sheet next to other people’s names, so when I came back from America I put in an application with them.”

Mitch is set to grow with the movie industry here. He put his money where his mouth is, and he is ready. Watch out for him.

Lindy Wrightson – Actor at 888 Inc

Lindy, with her particular style of switched-on zaniness, won the main role in an Aerogard tv commercial on her very first audition!

As a professional ballroom dancer, and having opened dancing studios across the country, Lindy is used to being in the spotlight. But she’d be the first to say she’s a novice when it comes to acting.

“I’ve done a lot in my life, but the acting thing is something I always wanted to do. Now it’s my opportunity, and I’ve been doing three acting classes a week. I’m not frightened of it, I’m just glad I now have some knowledge.”

After her era of dancing championships and motherhood, Lindy spent 12 years living in South East Asia before returning to Australia with her husband last year and choosing Brisbane as their home.

“I’m up for doing everything, but I’ve always wanted to do commercials ever since I was a little girl. I looked at a lot of agencies, ones that were in the city so I could walk to them. When I met Jaiden he was so amazingly honest, I just thought: That’s it, I’m staying here”.

“I’m a very honest person, I hate liars. I’m quite passionate about it. I don’t want to be told that things are going to happen a certain way when I know that the reality is different.”

Aerogard commercial

“The Aerogard ad was my very first ever of anything. I went to the audition and I was just me – just this crazy woman, which was obviously what they wanted.”

Lindy might be petite but she’s tough!

“The director said I was very professional, because we had to run down that great big sand dune about a thousand times, and ​I had a broken foot on the day!​ But you just keep getting back up. I’ve done it so many times in my life in dancing. Keep taking Nurofen. But the director complimented me and that was a good feeling.”

Lindy was on the Harrow set as a featured extra. “What an amazing experience that was! I’m a very keen and quick learner, and I was watching everything.”

Elsewhere, Lindy is a featured extra in another tv show scheduled for later in 2019, and she has been educating herself.

“I’ve done casting director workshops with Bud Hopes, Kristina Sexton and Ben Parkinson, and now I’ve almost finished the Introduction 1 and CC1 courses with 888. Doing three courses with two teachers in a week has been amazing. I’ve loved them and I feel like a completely different person now.”

Lindy is excited about her work in the future, and so are we!