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Jade Vorias – Actor at 888 Inc

Lovely Jade is Australian and is the embodiment of the Sunshine Coast: she’s blonde, loves to surf, and lives in Palm Beach.

“We live about 200 metres off the beach, and there’s nothing like waking up, picking up your board and running straight out into the ocean! I love being out and about with nature, and I can easily make it for sunrise – that’s the best,” she laughs.

888 talents know that preparation is key, and Jade is enrolled in two 8-week courses: Acting For Film and TV Level 1, and Improvisation. She wants to be able to take her acting in any direction, and she recently completed a four-week American Accent course at 888’s Gold Coast office in Marina Mirage.

“They had me speaking quite well very quickly. The instructor puts you through the wringer straight away so you don’t have time to get nervous.”

Jade can also sound quite British, having lived there while she was travelling. Being able to sound Australian, American and British will stand her in good stead for casting opportunities.

The entertainment industry attracts creatives, and Jade certainly fits that bill.

“I’m an artist – painting, inks, resins. I’ve been creating pieces for quite a while now, and have sold my art through word of mouth. Now I’m setting up something online, and I live near a lot of market stalls, so hopefully I will do more.”

Recalling her first meeting with 888, Jade said, “As soon as I walked in, there was such a great energy about the place. They made me feel so welcome, and always remembered me by my name. I think that’s so important. 888 gave me the confidence to go: this is actually an option for me. I did a screen test and they called me back. It worked out perfectly and I’ve been touch with the Gold Coast office ever since.”

We look forward to watching you reap the rewards of your hard work Jade.

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