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Lindy Wrightson – Actor at 888 Inc

Lindy, with her particular style of switched-on zaniness, won the main role in an Aerogard tv commercial on her very first audition!

As a professional ballroom dancer, and having opened dancing studios across the country, Lindy is used to being in the spotlight. But she’d be the first to say she’s a novice when it comes to acting.

“I’ve done a lot in my life, but the acting thing is something I always wanted to do. Now it’s my opportunity, and I’ve been doing three acting classes a week. I’m not frightened of it, I’m just glad I now have some knowledge.”

After her era of dancing championships and motherhood, Lindy spent 12 years living in South East Asia before returning to Australia with her husband last year and choosing Brisbane as their home.

“I’m up for doing everything, but I’ve always wanted to do commercials ever since I was a little girl. I looked at a lot of agencies, ones that were in the city so I could walk to them. When I met Jaiden he was so amazingly honest, I just thought: That’s it, I’m staying here”.

“I’m a very honest person, I hate liars. I’m quite passionate about it. I don’t want to be told that things are going to happen a certain way when I know that the reality is different.”

Aerogard commercial

“The Aerogard ad was my very first ever of anything. I went to the audition and I was just me – just this crazy woman, which was obviously what they wanted.”

Lindy might be petite but she’s tough!

“The director said I was very professional, because we had to run down that great big sand dune about a thousand times, and ​I had a broken foot on the day!​ But you just keep getting back up. I’ve done it so many times in my life in dancing. Keep taking Nurofen. But the director complimented me and that was a good feeling.”

Lindy was on the Harrow set as a featured extra. “What an amazing experience that was! I’m a very keen and quick learner, and I was watching everything.”

Elsewhere, Lindy is a featured extra in another tv show scheduled for later in 2019, and she has been educating herself.

“I’ve done casting director workshops with Bud Hopes, Kristina Sexton and Ben Parkinson, and now I’ve almost finished the Introduction 1 and CC1 courses with 888. Doing three courses with two teachers in a week has been amazing. I’ve loved them and I feel like a completely different person now.”

Lindy is excited about her work in the future, and so are we!