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Mitch Walsh – Actor at 888 Inc

Got things you want to achieve? Invest in yourself. Mitch Walsh did.

“I remember us staying up until 3am every night trying to learn all our lines…eating classic two-minute noodles and drinking instant coffee. Even though it was incredibly painful, it was just the most fun I’ve ever had.”

Born and raised on the Gold Coast, Mitch had already graduated from QUT with a Bachelor of Fine Arts and Drama when he decided there was more he needed to discover.

He entered an intensive, conservatory programme at The American Academy of Dramatic Arts, chose the campus in L.A. and immersed himself into that crazy world where every person and their chihuahua lives and breathes the movies.

“There’s something about that vibe! Learning every day for eight months from 8 to 5 was really, really hard work. I had a lot of fun and I learned so much.

“My teachers were incredible. I wanted to know more about some of the philosophies and methods behind acting. In the end we were doing 50-page character bios in our final exams, being double cast for shows back-to-back. It was a crazy amount of work, and definitely a time that really stood out for me.”

In his day job on the Gold Coast, Mitch uses his commanding voice as an announcer for Seaworld.

He approached Agency 888 for representation when he was back in Australia, and first met Jaiden and Bee at the agency’s office in Brisbane. For more experience on film sets, they placed him as a stand-in with Godzilla vs. Kong, and with the crime drama television series, Harrow.

“When I worked previously, I always saw “888” on the call sheet next to other people’s names, so when I came back from America I put in an application with them.”

Mitch is set to grow with the movie industry here. He put his money where his mouth is, and he is ready. Watch out for him.